Third Paper?

Is anyone else completely lost on this third paper? I don’t feel like I can manage to get the two different views and passages and evaluations into 4 -5 pages. Let alone pick them. Any advice?

2 Responses to “Third Paper?”

  1. NM says:

    Here is my recommendation:
    (1) First step: choose the topic, not the philosophers–that is, do you want to write on virtue? on care of the soul? nature/value of friendship?–which topic is of the greatest interest to you, and why?–pick the issue–not the theorist–follow your real thinking and ideas here.

    (2)Now, sketch out your ideas about the topic–what do you truly believe about virtue–or care of the soul–or friendship…what do you really think? This is just you writing for you–what are your ideas?

    (3)Next, outline what the designated philosophers had to say about that topic–find the key relevant passages (note–we have covered these in class)–go to the texts and mine them for ideas and passages.

    (4) Finally—you are ready to write the paper, starting with #2 , offering a brief but clear account of what the philosophers have said and then, drawing on #1, concluding with your evaluation and your views.


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