Youtube has some great videos of philosophers talking about, well philosophy and other philosophers. You might find the series with Miles Burnyeat ineresting now that you have finished Plato. Go to Youtube for the whole series:   Miles Burnyeat

Then check out Martha Nussbaum on Aristotle:

Martha Nussbaum


  1. Jim says:

    There is nothing like a forward thinking professor. The archive has never been richer!

  2. hgmclean says:

    I do not think Martha was as bad (/funny/neurotic) as you made her out to be.

  3. nmik says:

    That’s good to hear–I actually find the discussion quite helpful, particularly for first time students of Aristotle–but she is a tad edgy–esp. as compared w/ Burnyeat.

  4. tlarson says:

    I really found Martha to be helpful especially in her explanation of appearances, I thought that was confusing while reading Metaphysics. I agree with Aristotle’s criticisms of Plato’s forms (if I have a correct conception of them), it is non-sense to belief that their is a perfect infallible idea of Catness as cats can only be defined by the functions and appearances that we flawed beings can place upon them. Non-contradictions seem to be a more logical and probable principle. Any thoughts?

  5. nmik says:

    On Plato’s forms, you raise an important concern–how can the forms be substance that is “separable” ( and “eternal” “immaterial”)? You might listen again to Burnyeat–he gives a very interesting response to this issue.